• Unparsed
    The Conversation design conference

  • London, UK | 24th - 25th July 2023

The Conversation design conference

London, UK | 24th - 25th July 2023 BUY TICKETS

It's happening

The world's first conference dedicated to Conversation Design is starting in:

What is Unparsed?

Unparsed is the world's first Conversation Design Conference

We're bringing in some of the world's leading experts in conversation design together to share their experiences and advice on how to build effective and ethical conversational agents.

Whether you work on IVR systems, customer service chatbots, metaverse control systems or building Alexa skills - Unparsed gives conversation designers of all stripes a chance to share best practice and learn from each other.

24 - 25 July 2023
London, UK
20+ speakers & 250 attendees


Learn from Industry Icons

We've scoured the conversational AI industry to find the most interesting and experienced conversation designers out there to make sure you're learning cutting edge techniques in an enjoyable and accessible manner.

Have a story or technique of your own to share? There's still time to submit a speaker proposal or apply to be on a panel. All we ask is that talks should be educational and entertaining but we have plenty of willing speaker coaches if you need some support.

Karen Kaushansky

Staff Conversation Designer at Google

Bret Kinsella

CEO and research director at Voicebot.ai

Rebecca Evanhoe

Author of Conversations With Things

Hans Van Dam

Dean of the Conversation Design Institute

Lisa Falkson

Senior Conversation Designer at Amazon

Greg Bennett

Director of Conversation Design at Salesforce

Ilana Meir

Staff Conversation Designer (AR/VR) at Meta

Cooper Johnson

Voice UX Designer at Gridspace

Dr. Lisa Precht

Head of Customer Care & Conversational AI at IBM

Sarah Coward

CEO at In The Room

Ilarna Nche

CEO at Adassa Innovations

Falene McKenna

Linguist & Product Manager at Curiosity Robotics

Emily Banzhaf

Content Designer at WillowTree

Leigh Clarke

Senior UX researcher at Bold Insight

Rowe Parry

AI Conversation Analyst at Natwest


the venue


116 London Road, London, UK

Originally founded in 1892 as Borough Polytechnic Institute, London Southbank University - normally referred to as Southbank is the alma mater of the British computer scientist Professor Sue Black OBE who was responsible for saving and restoring Bletchley Park - the birthplace of computer under Alan Turing.


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Unparsed is a great way to introduce your product / service to hundreds of Conversation Designers working in professional Conversational AI teams across small businesses, entrprise and government.

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The Organisers

Tom Hewitson
Founder of award-winning conversation design studio labworks.io, Alexa champion and member of the Linux Foundation's Conversational AI Ethics work group.

Kane Simms
Founder of industry-renowned VUX World; thought leadership, podcast, events and CX transformation consultancy. Top 10 Voicebot AI influencers